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Ultimate frisbee club on the rise

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By Caroline Sipple

Students in the sophomore class have successfully revived the Ultimate Frisbee club, which was previously an inactive club at Leon.

The president is Drake Bishop and the vice president is Mason Becker.  They got the idea when chemistry teacher Mr. Green and his students were talking about the sport.

“We were talking to Mr. Green about him playing ultimate frisbee, and he told us that there used to be a club [at Leon],” Bishop said. “We decided that it would be fun to start playing ultimate frisbee again.”

The club has been meeting for about a month, and has had three meetings and two practices. They also have many goals for the future. They are currently trying to arrange a game against Sail High School because they’re the only other school with a team. They would also like to eventually enter into some city tournaments.

With about 25 kids showing up at each meeting, Bishop is very happy with the turn out.

“I’m very excited for the future of the club and to see where it goes,” Bishop said.