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No seniors needed for boys tennis team to succeed

By Sam Atwater
The Leon High School boys tennis team is going to state this year. This year’s team is distinctive for lacking something that many other teams have: seniors. The boys tennis team is completely comprised of students from ninth grade to eleventh grade.
The team has four goals each year: …

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From April 2 to April 5, I was part of the Leon State Latin Forum team. Leon placed seventh in academics and eighth overall in the state. We left from Tallahassee on Wednesday in a bus full of both the Leon team and the Maclay team and returned just minutes …

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Mary Lynne Steinmeyer: The end of tennis season

With my first season on the varsity tennis team coming to a close, reflecting over the past few months brings me lots of memories – some good and some that seemed bad at the time but now provide laughter.
Going into the season I had no idea what to expect, my …

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One of the more exciting parts of running a campaign is the poster-making process.
Every candidate has thousands of ideas on what their posters should look like.
Should they be bright colors, or a subtle white and black? What size should the banners be?
Every word counts when you have to sell your …

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AP Pre-Administration to be held on April 8.

The AP Pre-Administration is scheduled for fourth period on April 8. During the Pre-Administration, AP students will fill in their demographic information on their answer sheets.

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Today, course request forms are due and unsurprisingly, I still do not have half of my sheet filled out. For me it is so hard to plan so far ahead. I can barely plan something that is the next day.
I have a busy schedule and dance conflicts with many things. …

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Rachel Joyner: Before I die…

… I want to start something in my community, for my community.
It’s a weighty task deciding what you want to accomplish before you die. We all have things in the back of our mind, and we wait, we procrastinate, to make them happen. But life is for only so long, …

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Drama begins work on spring show

By Cassie LaJeunesse and Angela Groszos
This spring, the Leon drama department will present the play And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. Auditions took place on Wednesday, March 5 and the cast list was posted on Friday, March 7. The show will be performed the last week in April.
The …

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Rachel Joyner: A peculiar break

The countdown has commenced, and, like all teenagers, I await Spring Break with such impatience that my focus has been reduced to nothingness.
Unlike most of my cohorts, I am not going to the beach or some exotic location. This next week, I plan to work at the lab every day, …

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Students against drunk driving

By Caitlin Ray and Ellen Claire Newell
In preparation of spring break, Student Government has decided to raise awareness of teenagers driving under the influence. They have set up 400 red Solo cups on the front lawn, each cup representing ten people that die each year from drunk driving.
On Tuesday, March …

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Julia Chodyla: The drunk driving campaign

I think that although it may be annoying for a student to not be able to talk all day, this may show others the effects that their decisions can have on their peers or anyone. The fact that the mute students are still at school and are not able to …