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Lion Steel has its first performance of the year

By Muireall Brown
Tonight, Oct. 29th, Leon’s Steel Drum program will be having its first performance of the year. As usual, said performance will be held in Leon’s auditorium, and it will occur at 7 p.m.
Unlike most Steel performances, in which the different class periods–each containing students of approximately the same …

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This past Monday, I said goodbye to my brother. He left for boot camp and has started his journey to becoming a marine.
There were more emotions than can be described in out-processing center in Jacksonville where he was sworn in.
Anxiety is a good start. The whole drive down and the hour …

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By Paulette Jordan
Mix It Up occurred on Oct. 28 during lunch in the gym. It was an event that was about more than just socializing and getting free food. The real purpose of the event was to “mix up” individuals that may not always spend time with each other.
The event …

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By Brittany House
When you envision a president you probably think of perfection, a person who is always doing the right thing. That is not necessarily the case when we are discussing our current student body president Cameron Paul.
Paul remembers his reckless ways all of the way back to elementary school. …

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Cancer, following only heart disease as the main cause of death in the United States, has sunk its roots deep in not only our society, but also our culture. The disease’s grip on us has Herculean strength, and has poisoned our concept of death.
But even though everyone is interconnected with …

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By Julia Chodyla
In honor of cancer week, the annual Poker Run was held last Saturday, Oct. 25.
Each year, clubs and organizations submit a car into the event for $100. This year, 67 cars were added into the run.  The fundraising began at nine in the morning when students came together to …

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The trailer for the highly anticipated film Avengers: Age of Ultron debuted on Oct. 22. The trailer for the latest installment of Marvel’s hit franchise was able to get over eighteen million views in under 24 hours. And while it does look to be a promising movie, it appears to …

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Touching the wall at the end of my final race at the district meet on Oct. 22 marked my final swim until next year.
Relieved is an understatement.
I still haven’t quite figured out if swimming just doesn’t appeal to me anymore or if I’m suffering from sheer laziness. No longer having …

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Choosing between sports, school, and clubs is a constant battle for many Leon students.
Many students participate in one or more extra-curricular activities. On top of those activities many students also take Advanced Placement classes, and even honors or general classes can be difficult.
I only have three extra-curricular activities: Softball, newspaper, …

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It’s Cancer Week again at Leon, and I’ve seen signs for the Poker Run, share nights and shirt sales. I’ve also seen a color popping up everywhere, not only in our hallways, but all over the community: pink.
Every year, schools and businesses around Tallahassee make an effort to raise awareness …

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Lately a holiday, federally established in 1937 and vital to our cultural history, to the perpetuation of the American Way, has been repeatedly challenged by the unfortunate and increasing number of “progressive malcontents” plaguing our otherwise peaceful and fair society: this holiday, Columbus Day, is dedicated to the celebration of the …