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Students accepted to Youth Leadership Tallahassee announced

By Caroline Zapert
On Mar. 26, over 120 students who applied to Youth Leadership Tallahassee received their letter of acceptance, or more commonly, rejection. Of the numerous candidates, only 30 students will be participating in the year-long program that is designed to enhance leadership skills and offer various opportunities to become …

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By Sella Kinch
Every year, the students in the multiple Spanish classes at Leon are given the opportunity to travel across the world to visit a Hispanic country. Of the past few years, the groups have explored multiple countries in South America, such as Peru.
They haven’t traveled to Spain in the …

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EmmaLea Reed interviews sophomores Caroline Kirk, Savannah Hill and Morgan Guse about being accepted into Youth Leadership Tallahassee.
Youth Leadership Tallahassee

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By Traci Creel
For a year and a half now senior Quinten Sarvary has been a prominent member of the boys lacrosse team.
“I’ve played lacrosse all four years,” Sarvary said. “I figured that it would be a fun sport to play and just stuck with it.”
This year the boys lacrosse team …

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By Hannah Rodriguez
Today during lunch, members of the student government class went around Leon handing out dum-dum lollipops and free kool-aid in order to spread awareness about the dangers of spring break.
On each dum-dum there was a small note stating, “Don’t be a dummy, drive sober,”  in order to stress …

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By Caroline Zapert
With spring break quickly approaching, it is important that students are advised of the dangers that can occur during this week of, sometimes reckless, vacation.
While the idea of a week on the coast is enticing to many students, it is an event that needs to be approached with …

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Cricket is this student’s game

By Michael Manias
Muhammed Rasul’s cricket team is currently ranked number one in the Big Bend Cricket League. Rasul is the number one ranked player.
The high school senior began playing the sport of cricket at the age of four. He has been playing in the Big Bend Cricket League for four …

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FSA testing schedule adjustments

By Caroline Zapert
Freshmen and sophomore students were supposed to take the Florida Standards Assessments test this week, Mar. 3-6. However, due to technical difficulties in other counties, the testing was postponed until March 5.
Freshmen will now be testing March 5-6. Sophomores will take their test March 10-11. Students can see their exact …

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Senior rising as internet media mogul

By Michael Manias
Senior Tommy Pescatore was seeked out and hired last month by a New York City based advertising company. The company, which cannot be named, is a type of advertising firm where other corporations commission it to advertise its products on social networking sites and apps.
The target demographic is …

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Mark Feely continues to fight multiple myeloma

By Hannah Wong
On the darkened campus of Leon High School, Athletic Director, Mark Feely, was suddenly approached by the Tallahassee Police Department and told to drop to the ground.
Feely, along with former principal Rocky Hanna, were wearing scrubs painted with prison stripes and a serial number.
It took a while for …

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New members are inducted to Pierian National Honor Society

By Julia Chodyla
On Jan. 25, the seventy-fifth Pierian National Honor Society induction was held in the auditorium during fourth period. A total of 43 students were inducted.  It was a culmination of sophomore, junior and senior inductees, however, the sophomore population was the highest.
Pierian is Leon’s National Honor Society. In order to be admitted, students had to …