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New members are inducted to Pierian National Honor Society

By Julia Chodyla
On Jan. 25, the seventy-fifth Pierian National Honor Society induction was held in the auditorium during fourth period. A total of 43 students were inducted.  It was a culmination of sophomore, junior and senior inductees, however, the sophomore population was the highest.
Pierian is Leon’s National Honor Society. In order to be admitted, students had to …

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Senior rising as internet media mogul

By Michael Manias
Senior Tommy Pescatore was seeked out and hired last month by a New York City based advertising company. The company, which cannot be named, is a type of advertising firm where other corporations commission it to advertise its products on social networking sites and apps.
The target demographic is …

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Mark Feely continues to fight multiple myeloma

By Hannah Wong
On the darkened campus of Leon High School, Athletic Director, Mark Feely, was suddenly approached by the Tallahassee Police Department and told to drop to the ground.
Feely, along with former principal Rocky Hanna, were wearing scrubs painted with prison stripes and a serial number.
It took a while for …

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By Sella Kinch
Being one of the most talented bands in Florida, the Leon Band is known all over the Big Bend and even in London from the infamous performance in a winter parade last year.
For over six decades, the band has always received multiple “Superior” grading scores at the MPA …

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Domestic Violence Awareness campaign

By Hannah Rodriguez
On Feb. 24, at 6:00 p.m there will be a domestic violence awareness campaign in the Leon auditorium. The movement is being lead by sophomore Morgan Guse, and junior Jaynie Mitchell.
There is also a drive being held where students are encouraged to bring in teddy bears and lightly …

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By Hannah Wong
Elisa Heldenberghe looked very confused when the Journalism 1 class stood up to say the Pledge of Allegiance. It’s probably because the 16-year-old student is from Bethune, France.
Heldenberghe is here as part of a foreign exchange program. She is one of the 30 students from Saint Dominique High …

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By Lauren Henderson
At the age of 12, Barbara Bacellar Rodrigues de Godoy decided she wanted to be an exchange student.
“We always hosted exchange students from all over the world,” Godoy said. “I always thought it was amazing to get to live in another country and get to know people and their …

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Senior plans future in International Affairs

By Muireall Brown
Senior Haley Hughen has a passion for International Affairs. Not only does she focus on the topic in her academic and extra curricular life, she also follows it closely in her free time.
Naturally, on top of being accepted into Rotary International and given the opportunity to live in Poland …

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By Caroline Zapert
Leon is hosting the annual Broball tournament tonight, Feb. 18, at 6 p.m.
Broball, also known as “stud volleyball”, is a fundraiser for the junior class, where groups of boys sign up to play volleyball.
Twelve teams will play at Leon, and the victorious team will advance to play against …

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First Dance Marathon was a huge success

By EmmaLea Reed
This past Valentine’s Day, Leon and Maclay students rallied together for a good cause, and a good time.
Over 100 students attended Leon’s first annual Dance Marathon on Saturday, Feb. 14. Over the course of two weeks, Leon was able to raise a whopping $14,073.10.
All of the funds raised were for Children’s Miracle Network …

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Senior featured in national music video

By Lauren Henderson
Senior Angelina Mitchell was a part of famous singer, Ed Sheeran’s fan video for his song, ‘Thinking Out Loud’ released on Feb. 4.
At time 2:39 in the video, you can see Mitchell singing and playing guitar.
Mitchell is a part of Sheeran’s fan email list and received an email about …