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Thanksgiving break extended for next school year

By Christna Hoffman
This week, the Leon County School Board has officially released the calendar for the 2017-2018 school year. The most significant change is that of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Instead of getting only three days for Thanksgiving, students will now get the entire week off.
However, this doesn’t come without a …

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By Caroline Sipple
On Friday, Feb. 10, and Saturday, Feb. 11, the Lady Lions softball team suffered two defeats.
The first game was against Florida High, and the final score was 6-10. The second was against Sneads, with the final score being 2-10.
Fortunately for the Lions, these games were part of the …

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Stepping in mashed potatoes, accidentally touching gum under our desks, having to wait for a clean stall to be open in the bathroom because other ones are trashed, are all things that we, and many other students, have experienced during our time at Leon.
It’s not the janitors fault. In fact, we …

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By Caroline Kirk
Athletic Director Mark Feely announced on Feb. 1 that there would be a punishment we have never seen before for parking in up top spots: Saturday school.
Although there has always been punishments that are not consistently enforced for parking up top, this time is different because the stakes are …

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School history fair finalists announced

By MarySylvia Hinnant
The theme for history fair this year was “Taking a Stand in History”. Entries either had to be about an individual who impacted history or a historical event where someone took a stand and an evaluation of how successful it was. Of the finalists from the school fair, we were shown four.
From the exhibits shown in …

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By Caroline Dempsey
Below are the seniors that are signing today and the schools to which they will be signing. The signing will be held in the old gym today, Feb. 1, at 2 pm.
Tyhran Glasco  QB #5 – Georgia Military College

Jayod Sanders DE #6  – Liberty University

Jacob Owens WR #12 …

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By Nadaley Jones
Monday, Jan. 22 through Friday, Jan. 27, Leon celebrated its ninth annual Literacy Week. This week was a chance for students and teachers to celebrate literacy and encourage reading for all students and staff members.
Each day on the announcements, staff and administrators shared excerpts from their favorite books and …

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Girls soccer falls short in quarter-finals

By Caroline Kirk
The Lady Lion’s soccer team’s goal of a road to state was cut short by Navarre in the regional quarter-final game on Thursday, Jan. 26. It was a grueling match that ended in double overtime and a penalty-kick shoot-out, where Navarre topped Leon four PKs to three.
The game …

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“Ahyanni, I never would have guessed you were black! You sound white.” A statement I have heard countless times from people of many different races. Stated as a compliment but in turn it is received scornfully.
Knowing exactly what they meant and the ignorance they bestow, I simply respond, “I am sorry …

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Boys soccer advances to district finals

By Caroline Sipple
On Wednesday, Jan. 25, boys soccer defeated Gainesville 1-0 in the district semi-finals, which will advance them to district finals. The team will play against Lincoln on Friday at 7 PM.
Sy Fontenot scored the only goal of the game.
Going into the game, captain Jake Kile was confident in the team’s ability.
“It’s …

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[26 Jan 2017 | Comments Off on Lead basketball player injured during game | ]

By MarySylvia Hinnant
On Monday, Jan. 23, Leon beat John Paul II in basketball 69 to 61 despite one of the team’s lead players suffering an injury. 
While shooting a free throw,  Captain Israel Chipman shot the ball and had a missed attempt. Chipman then went up to rebound the basketball; however, while reaching for the …