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Thanksgiving break extended for next school year

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By Christna Hoffman

This week, the Leon County School Board has officially released the calendar for the 2017-2018 school year. The most significant change is that of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Instead of getting only three days for Thanksgiving, students will now get the entire week off.

However, this doesn’t come without a price. As a result of less school days during the first semester, students will start school earlier, on Aug. 14.

Many students and parents are opposed to this change. They argue that the difficulty it takes to work out a schedule flexible enough to watch their children for an entire week is not worth the trouble. Students are also upset because it shortens their summer break.

“I don’t mind having the extra time off,” says Principal Billy Epting. “Although, it adds to the many holidays in the first semester, which is already shorter than the second semester.”

According to the Leon County School Board, more than 22,000 parents, the District Advisory Board, and the Student District Advisory Council all voted in favor of this new option for the next school year.

“I understand that it gives families the opportunity to travel more, but it’s gotten longer and longer,” Epting says.

According to Epting, when he was in school they only had Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving until some parents pushed to get Wednesday off.

“Before you know it, they’re going to turn Thanksgiving into Christmas vacation where you have two weeks off,” Epting adds.