Snow day could lead to an extra day

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By Chambers Miller

On Wednesday, Jan. 4, the day students were scheduled to return to school after winter break, school was canceled due to harmful weather conditions.

After seeing forecasts for freezing rain on Tuesday , Jan. 3, the district held a conference call with the Leon County Emergency Management  system and decided to prolong winter break one more day.

Their concerns stemmed from risks students would face driving or riding buses to school on the icy roads.

Teachers finalized grades and prepared for the week ahead on Tuesday so the missed day did not have any drastic affects.

However, the “snow day” could quite possibly lead to one extra day at the end of the school year due to Department of Education requirements.

According to Principal Billy Epting,”The district office will make that decision. If we don’t meet the required instructional minutes we either have to make it up or get a special waiver from the Department of Education.”

If they decide an extra day is needed it will either be added to the end of the year, or made by changing one or two half days to a full day.



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