School year winds down

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By Christna Hoffman

This being the last week of the 2016-17 school year, everyone is starting to cram for exams and crave summer.

Due to many unexpected events this school year, such as Hurricane Hermine, the last week has been altered to ensure that Leon meets the required amount of time in school.

This is not the first time events like these have caused us to make changes to the schedule though. For example, the school fire and bad weather last year also set back our release time everyday by 3 minutes.

This year the last week is particularly odd because it was scheduled around Memorial Day.

As usual, the seventh period exam is taking place Tuesday, May 22 from 1:50-3:30.

The most significant change is the splitting of a regular length school day, May 24, between exams and regular class time. The problem is that most students who do not have exams on this day are not going to school at all because they will only be spending a short time in each regular class.

Even teachers are saying how they will not have enough time to teach something valuable during the time they have, therefore the regular classes will have a more relaxed day.

Wednesday, May 24 is split between exams and other class periods. First period exams are from 7:30-9:15, and second period exams are from 9:30-11:15. Lunch is from 11:15-noon. Periods 3-6 will be from noon to 1:48, each period getting only 24 minutes.

Early release begins on Thursday and goes through the next Tuesday. Third period exams are on Thursday, May 25 from 7:30-9:15, and fourth period exams are from 9:15-11:15. Students are released at 11:15 after the fourth period exams.

Friday, May 26 is when the fifth and sixth period exams will take place. Fifth period is from 7:30-9:15, and sixth is from 9:30-11:15.

Memorial Day is on Monday, May 29 so there will be no school. The official last day of school is Tuesday, May 30, however, it has been scheduled as a day for exam make ups and assignment make ups.