Maya Levy: Year round school is better

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In the US, from the time they first begin school, children learn to worship summer vacation. But what if that legendary two month break went away? I am a firm believer in year round school.

This different school schedule is not as terrifying as it seems. Students with a year round schedule attend classes for six to nine weeks in a row with two to four week vacation intervals. This is superior to the traditional school schedule because it does not interrupt the process of learning.

This has been proven by Duke University when they did a study that suggested kids attending year round schools are at a slight advantage because they don’t forget what they learned over the two month break.

Year round school would directly improve Leon by using a system called alternative tracking, which puts students into groups that alternate throughout the building. With this program set in place, teachers would be able to work one on one with students because of smaller class sizes. Instead of suffering through the obstacles of overcapacity, year round school could help us solve those problems.

Mary Brown, a middle school teacher in Wake County, spoke about the advantages of her school’s year round schedule.

“Our schedule offers the kids a break from school right when they need it,” Brown said. “They didn’t have the bored, glazed-over look of kids who had been in school for weeks on end with no break in sight.”

A possible issue with this schedule is that elementary school parents with jobs would have a hard time finding a place to take their children during the weeks that their school is taking a break. Although, if more schools in a community transition to this schedule there would most likely be an increase in childcare businesses.

I doubt that schools in this area would transition to this schedule in the near future, but I believe eventually that the school system will make the right choice. There is no need to endure the hardships of overpopulation. Education should be enjoyable for all and we should do everything in our power to ensure that.