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Lion’s United showcases their talent in an inaugural concert

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By Caroline Kirk

The Lions United group teamed up with the band to put on the inaugural “Lions United Band Concert” during fifth period on Thursday, April 27.

The entire auditorium was full, and Principal Billy Epting had to make an announcement for people to make room in the aisles.

Band Director Lee Commander introduced the show and encouraged the audience to show their approval by doing the ASL signal for applause.

The concert included four musical numbers of the songs “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, “My Girl” by the Temptations, “Baja,” and “I’m a Believer” as heard in Shrek the Musical.

Jeremy Richard, lovingly known as “Cowboy” got to sing in the microphone the entire song for the closing number of “I’m a Believer.”

When asked how it felt to sing the song, Cowboy responded, “I’m a believer. I wouldn’t leave her if I tried.”

“It felt good to sing,” Cowboy said.

The Lions United students sat in four groups with various Leon performers ranging from the Melodears, Guitar, Pan Groove, and the Madrigals.

Titus Williams led the group on the drum set and Molly Caito played the intro to “Bad Romance” on the xylophone.

“It was so exciting to lead the group on the drums,” Williams said. “I had fun.”

The students made music with rhythm sticks, by clapping and by singing as loud as they can.