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Fink steps in line to lead student body

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By Caroline Dempsey

On Tuesday, April 25, it was announced that junior Cameron Fink will be taking over the student body president position for the 2017-2018 school year.

After a cut throat election against opponent Landon Coles, Fink admitted to feeling relief at the results of the elections.finkpic

“All day I was really anxious about hearing the results,” Fink said. “When they were finally announced, I was so relieved.

“That being said, I couldn’t have asked for a better opponent. Landon led a great campaign, and I know he would have made an excellent president as well,” Fink said.

Fink has many plans for the upcoming school year, many of which include beautifying the school.

“Our school is so beautiful on the outside, but when people walk inside they aren’t as impressed,” Fink said. “I want the inside to match the outside.”

English teacher Marty Towey has already begun thinking about projects to clean up the school, and so Fink hopes to help with those.

Fink also plans on revamping the inter club council (ICC) to make it run more smoothly.

One component that excites Fink about his new position is the chance to lead pep rally’s.

“I’m hoping to make the pep rally’s some of the best Leon has ever seen,” Fink said. “I really just want to make next year the best it can be for every single person at Leon, not just those who I am friends with.”