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[1 Aug 2017 | One Comment | ]

By Lauren Henderson
This summer, I completed my Girl Scout Gold Award. I have always had a passion for serving the homeless. As an underclassman, I went on multiple mission trips to serve the homeless. In New Orleans, I spent a week feeding the homeless and talking to them. Listening to …

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[21 Mar 2017 | Comments Off on Maya Levy: Year round school is better | ]

In the US, from the time they first begin school, children learn to worship summer vacation. But what if that legendary two month break went away? I am a firm believer in year round school.
This different school schedule is not as terrifying as it seems. Students with a year round …

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[9 Mar 2017 | Comments Off on Hannah Rodriguez: It’s just one week | ]

By Hannah Rodriguez
I am as ready as anyone to get out of school for spring break. This has felt like the longest week of my life as well. While I’m ready to get out and have fun, I just want to remind everyone that spring break is one week. One …

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[9 Mar 2017 | Comments Off on Hannah Rodriguez: Breaking Stereotypes | ]

By Hannah Rodriguez
At the last Brown Bag lunch meeting I attended, we discussed the topic of stereotypes at Leon, and how detrimental they can be to us as a school. After hearing this I realized the amount of stereotypes I hear everyday at school. There are the “bus ramp kids,” …

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[8 Feb 2017 | Comments Off on Caroline Sipple and Christna Hoffman: A not so spotless reputation | ]

Stepping in mashed potatoes, accidentally touching gum under our desks, having to wait for a clean stall to be open in the bathroom because other ones are trashed, are all things that we, and many other students, have experienced during our time at Leon.
It’s not the janitors fault. In fact, we …

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[29 Jan 2017 | Comments Off on Ahyanni McCray: It isn’t all black and white | ]

“Ahyanni, I never would have guessed you were black! You sound white.” A statement I have heard countless times from people of many different races. Stated as a compliment but in turn it is received scornfully.
Knowing exactly what they meant and the ignorance they bestow, I simply respond, “I am sorry …

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[28 Dec 2016 | Comments Off on Ava Jackson: Students express opinions about exams | ]

With exam week coming to an end, a lot of students speak their mind about what they like and dislike about exams.
A variety of students have had mixed emotions about how teachers handle exams and how they are run.
“I feel like this time, teachers gave out less study guides, which …

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[13 Dec 2016 | Comments Off on Cristina Williams: Getting off topic in class | ]

It is OK to get a little distracted in class every once in a while, but when everyone in class, including the teacher, is off topic the entire class period, this can become a problem.
In my opinion, getting off topic in class is fine as long as we are not …

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[9 Dec 2016 | Comments Off on Maya Levy: All Holidays Matter | ]

This month at Leon a Christmas tree has been placed in the middle of our lobby.
Many may argue that a Christmas tree is not a symbol for Christianity. The truth is there is not a definitive answer. On one hand it can be used as a symbol of eternal life. …

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[9 Dec 2016 | Comments Off on Mary Sylvia Hinnant: It’s just a tree | ]

Since my freshman year, there has been a Christmas tree in the Leon lobby. The Student Government Association puts up the tree, and having the tree in the lobby has been a tradition for many years.
Although the tree is labeled a “Christmas” tree, the purpose of having the tree in …