Where are they now? Past Leon High Life Editor in Chief visits Leon

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By Leah Mazur

On Wednesday, Jan. 10, former Leon High Life Editor-In-Chief Marcie Gsteiger-Cox came back to visit school. While here she witnessed, firsthand, the teaching methods and environments in some of her most influential classes, visiting teachers such as Mindy Fulton and Kevin Record.

“I got some lesson planning ideas,” Gsteiger said. “Kind of saw classroom dynamics.”

As a freshman, she joined the newspaper staff, and was the only ninth grader in the class. Her whole high school career she stayed in the class and eventually earned the title of Editor and Chief during her senior year along with Oliva Nash and Mina Kaji.

“The three of us all had our specialties,” Gsteiger said. “I was the In-Design person, Mia did the Photoshop and the Olivia was the ‘News Girl’. We totally redesigned the newspaper that year and I think you guys are still using our font that we chose, so that’s kind of cool.”

Gsteiger-Cox graduated in 2014. Since then she has gone to college at George Washington University in Washington D.C.

Currently, she is majoring in Biology with an English and Literature minor.

Becoming a teacher was not a part of the plan.

“I didn’t think I wanted to teach until I got a job in it,” Gsteiger-Cox said. “I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do.”

She is currently working for the Department of Defense studying Malaria. It is a little lonely and Gsteiger-Cox wanted something with more human interaction.

“This program called teach for America reached out to me and they said ‘you have a very strong application, we really want you to apply,’ ” Gsteiger-Cox said. “So I hadn’t thought about teaching until they sent that to me. I said ‘Sure! I’ll apply’ and got into the program and a new job teaching.”

Hopefully now she can pass on her knowledge on journalism, literature, and science to future students.

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