Thespians held improv night

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By Nadaley Jones and Aleah Lynn

On Friday, Jan. 19, at 7 p.m. the Thespians had an Improv night that was hosted by Godby.

The two theater troupes compete for points and are judged by the two theater teachers. There were three rounds of games, including a theater version of MadLibs, and an animal orchestra where students were assigned an animal sound to make when pointed at by their “conductor”.

The directors tallied up the points at the end of the show, and Godby and Leon tied and held a tiebreaker round of “Freeze Tag”, where the students preformed scenes with random partners, and changed partners when tagged.

Leon won the tiebreaker.

The members of the cast had a lot of fun, but were slightly disappointed with the turnout.

“It has been bigger in the past,” junior Mia Ford-Green said. “Usually when we have it at Leon more people come. Either way, it was a fun time for us thespians to get together and have a good time doing what we love.”