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Spirit week in full swing

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By Maya Levy, Alena Nash and Ava Jackson

This week, from Monday, April 24 until Friday, April 28, is spirit week. This is a school wide event that promotes unity within our school’s community. Students are encouraged to dress up according to each day’s theme.

Friday is the last pep rally of this school year and on Saturday April 29 is Leon’s prom.

Monday’s theme was “Tropical Monday.” Students were encouraged to dress in tropical themed attire. The theme of Tuesday was “Character Tuesday,” in which the idea was to dress up as a fictional character in a book, movie, or show.

Wednesday is “Royalty Wednesday,” and Thursday will be “Grease or Greece,” where students have the option to either dress in culturally Greek garb or 1950s style clothing.

Friday is “Spirit Day,” in honor of the pep rally. To participate in Friday’s dress, students are encouraged to wear Leon attire. After sixth period is this years last pep rally which will take place in the gym.

Due to the infamous ‘Neon Leon’ pep rally being cut short by principal Billy Epting after some students were injured in a mosh pit, many students were not expecting to have a fourth pep rally. However, senior Amanda Willis and the spirit committee of the Student Government Association are hoping to bounce back from the disappointment.

As head of the spirit committee, Willis plans to post on social media along with other members of SGA to help promote a safe pep rally.

“We don’t want to be known as the school that is too rowdy for a pep rally,” Willis said. “There’s a point where too much fun is a bad thing, and we definitely reached that limit last time.”

Saturday is prom which starts at 8 pm at the Antique Car Museum and will go until 12 am.