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Sophomore takes talents to Florida Senate

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Sophomore Liam Fineout (bottom left) with other pagers at the Florida Senate.

By Alena Nash

Sophomore Liam Fineout has spent the last week at the Florida Senate participating in the Page Program. The Page Program selects students from all over the state to become pagers for the Senators.

A friend of Fineout’s mentioned the program to him as something Fineout could use to add to his resume and the application process involved an essay about his leadership and academic skills.

As a pager for Senator Bill Montford, Fineout makes ‘page runs’ for things like documents and gifts and delivers them to the Senator and staff. While the Senators are in session, Fineout is on the floor listening and learning about the Senate.

“In a way, it’s like an internship,” Fineout said.

All week Fineout has been immersed in the world of state politics, seeing first hand how the government works.

“I’ve met Senators, Governor Rick Scott, and college student government members from all over Florida,” Fineout said. “They’ve really made me understand that when you go into politics, you do it for the good of the people and that’s something I really like.”

Before participating in the program, Fineout had only a slight interest in politics. Now, thanks to the people he has met and the work he has done, he is considering becoming a politician in the future.

“It’s always fascinated me, but I haven’t wanted to become the Governor or anything,” Fineout said. “After seeing how politics work, I kind of want to pursue it more, it’s pretty cool.”