Snapchat account helps broadcast student body’s opinions

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By Will Bullen

On Friday, Feb. 9, the “One Leon” snapchat account, originally created in 2015 to give students a platform for voicing opinions, was active again for the seventh time this year.

“One Leon’s” new host, junior Liam Fineout, walked around Leon before school and at lunchtime asking various students about their opinions on voting practices.

“One Leon” was an account created by Robert Skrob in 2015 for his Student Body President campaign.

Fineout took over for Skrob this year. He views the account as a way to bring the diverse student body of Leon together.
On Feb. 9, the question the account posed to the student body was: What type of voting would be best for Leon elections, paper or electronic?

One of the people interviewed was senior Student Government Association member Pierce Ryan.

“As an SGA member, I think that the electronic ballots are a lot more accurate, we normally spend two weeks going through the paper votes and we might make mistakes,” Ryan said. “However, you’re not going to get the whole student body’s opinion, you only get 25 percent turnout rate, so that is something you have to account for. ”

Also interviewed by Fineout on “One Leon” was junior Nkosi Singleton.

“I think that paper votes are going to be more accurate and serve Leon better for Homecoming court and any other election,” Singleton said.

Fineout plans to have many more editions to get more of the student body’s opinions on Leon issues.

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