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Singing for a cure

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By Nadaley Jones

Every year, the Leon chorus department participates in the Cancer Awareness fundraiser. Pink lanyards with envelopes hanging off of them are distributed to students who want to participate that are in a chorus classes.

Students walk around wearing the lanyards, and the envelopes collect the money donated. It is one dollar to have a chorus student sing to you, and three for them to sing to a whole class. All the donator has to do is give the student one dollar and request a song. Singers typically have a list of songs written on the envelope that they specialize in singing.

In the past years, the fundraising opportunity was exclusive to auditioned choirs, Capital Singers, Madrigals, and Melodears. This year, it is open to any chorus student who has a love of singing and wants to help raise money for a great cause.

Many students love the fundraiser, and it is a fun and passionate way to raise money for these two weeks, according to freshman chorus member Everett Reed.

“It really helps the student body get plugged in to the fantastic arts program at Leon,” Reed said. “We love doing it because it feels great to help beat [cancer] by doing something we love.”

The grand total that chorus has earned will be announced at the end of this week. Due to the popularity of the fundraiser, chorus is hoping for a great turnout.