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SGA sells out of cancer t-shirts

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By Ella Bevis

During the first week of the Leon Cancer Fundraiser, Student Government Association sold out its allotment of 500 t-shirts.

“We were really excited to sell out of the shirts in such a short period of time,” Student Body President Cameron Fink said. “It helps raise more awareness among the school members.”

The profit from these sales goes directly toward the Cancer Fundraiser and the Tallahassee Memorial Hospital Cancer Center. This year the goal for the fundraiser is $20,000.

With a $6 profit on each t-shirt sale, SGA was able to raise close to $3,000.

“It’s not the biggest fundraiser,” Community Service Committee Head Caroline Englert said. “We have a lot of little fundraisers that add up to help us reach our goal.”

On Friday, Oct. 5, students who purchased a shirt were able to get out of their fourth-period class 10 minutes early for lunch. This was an incentive for students to help raise money.

“The t-shirts help raise our school spirit,” Englert said. “They really pump up the fundraiser.”

The Cancer Fundraiser has been a tradition since 2005. T-shirts have been sold every year since its inception to bring more awareness.

“It gets everyone involved in the fight against cancer,” Fink said. “It hits close to home for a lot of us. That’s why we’re so passionate about it.”