SGA going to Orlando for state convention

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By Leah Mazur

This weekend, Feb. 16-18, about 20 members from the Student Government Association will be traveling to Orlando for a state SGA convention.

For the group that goes, it entails three to four days of meetings and training.

“And we have our state officers vote on resolutions that we send to the state, to our Florida Association of Student Councils advisers, that could end up going into state legislature next year,” President Cameron Fink said. “There are usually over 2,000 people there, its huge.”

It is supposed to be beneficial for all of those who go and could lead to updates in what student government does at Leon.

“It’s a lot of getting new ideas about how to do certain things,” Fink said. “All the schools from around Florida go and we come together to share what we all do.”

He believes that it will bring SGA closer together.

“It’s a really big brainstorming session,” Fink said. “It’s a lot of fun for the ones that go, like a team-building event as well. We spend all weekend together. We bus everywhere. We eat every meal together. It’s a lot of fun.”


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