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Rocktoberfest set-list released with a “boo”m

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By Caroline Kirk

The Class of 2018 looks forward to an exciting Rocktoberfest event this year with headline names such as “The Good Little Chickens” set to play.

The set list came out today, Oct. 4. There were auditions Sept. 27 and 28, and of the 15 groups who auditioned, 10 were chosen to perform.

There have not been this many bands in the show in the last three years.

The line-up consists of “Emilie & Emilee,” “SOCKS,” “Brassthetics,” “J^2,” “MARLE,” “Silent Whispers,” “The Happenings,” “The Faded Keys,” “Two Girls and a Box,” and “The Good Little Chickens.”

Because of all of the attention that “The Good Little Chickens” have been getting, there are high expectations for this year’s event.

Juniors Caroline Englert and Anna Boone are in charge of the event. Boone was in charge of the audition process and Englert will be overseeing the actual planning and night of the event.

“There is enough of a range of music that anyone who goes will find something they are in to,” said Boone.

“Also the atmosphere is going to be great. We are going to have fantastic MC’s and cool decorations.”

Rocktoberfest has been a tradition at Leon for year that is used as a junior class fundraiser in Student Government. The junior class is required to put on Prom in the spring and the Rocktoberfest event is one that brings in a lot of fundraising revenue.

“It’s one of my favorite events we do at Leon,” Englert said. “We have so much talent and spirit this year and I can’t wait for the community to experience it. Grab your friends and rock on with us.”

The event will take place in the front of the school on the hill on Oct. 27.

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