Performing Arts Winter Showcase plays to a packed house

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By Jamie Botel

The Performing Arts Winter Showcase, also known as PAWS, was held on Dec. 8-9, and was deemed a major success.


“The concert went really well this year,” Capital Singers and Concert Chorale member Nate Jones said. “It was a lot of fun, especially this year because I was in more groups than I was last year.

“There was a fantastic turnout. Both shows were almost all sold out. It was really, really cool to be able to see all those people there to support you. It was a really great experience.”

Each group spent a different amount of time preparing for the performance, depending on how many people were in the group, the difficulty of the performance and the skill level of the group.

“Concert Chorale rehearsed the opening number for about two months,” Jones said. “But since Capital Singers is a more advanced choir. We only spent a little less than a month working on that piece.”

Said Mane Event and Concert Choral member Franchesca Lagos: “PAWS is a spectacular show and I look forward to it every year.”