Peace Jam raises funds for various causes

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By Aleah Lynn

On Feb. 7-8, Peace Jam sold coffee and pastries in the morning on the lawn. They were raising money for The No Place for Hate week that will take place March 5-9.

Peace Jam made a profit of $130 and  the club is going to build a four-foot interactive pyramid that will have the five acts of hate on each side. The hate acts will range from bias to genocide.

It will be placed in the lobby for the student body to sign, and say if they have experienced one of the acts of hate. Also on the pyramid will be the definition of each of the words so that everyone is educated on the correct meaning of the word.

Peace Jam felt that it would be a great time to host this week because they felt it went with the theme positivity and union going on at Leon, especially since the Black History Assembly was recently held and the Positively Post- It campaign is coming up.

The leftover money will be used towards their  community project: to better the look of Frenchtown. Members of the club, artists, as well as people in the community, will come together to make the area more colorful.

Club president Juliara Rapuzzi, a senior, explained how Frenchtown gets a bad reputation. The club would like to make it as eye-appealing as Gaines Street.

“I am proud to be the head of a club that came make such a great change,” Rapuzzi said.


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