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Students collect almost 17,000 cans

After nearly two weeks of collecting canned goods, Leon High School ended the drive with 16,934 cans.

While students did not beat last year’s record of 22,000 cans, the school, including Student Government Association’s head of hospitality Mallory Alonso, was proud.

“Overall I am happy with the turnout because at the beginning I wasn’t expecting to get as many (cans) as we got,” Alonso said.

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Ashira Morris: Marijuana: our generation’s cigarette?

Call it weed, Mary Jane or a joint. Regardless of the moniker, marijuana is the drug most commonly abused by Leon’s student body.

Leon High School isn’t the only spot where this drug is an issue. Marijuana has also become a major thorn in the sides of police officers in Tallahassee and the United States as a whole.

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Ardley in charge

At the end of last year, Assistant Principal Pat Weaver resigned after a long and distinguished career. But the person taking her place is already proving to be a success in his own right. Ricky Ardley, formerly assistant of discipline at Rickards, came to the same position at Leon after being selected by Superintendent Jackie Pons to replace Weaver.

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Peck able to hear colors

The secret to the Leon Melodears’ sound might just be the rainbow of colors Tabitha Peck hears in their voices.

When a Melodear sings, the Leon chorus teacher hears not just notes but shades of purple, red and blue.

Peck has an unusual condition called synesthesia, in which some senses get mixed with other senses. In Peck’s case, she interprets a person’s voice as a color.[…]

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