New band creates buzz around Leon

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By Caroline Sipple

The Happenings, a new band at Leon, has been gaining notable recognition around school, especially after performing at the Positively Post-It campaign.

The band was originally formed because the students wanted to be apart of Rocktoberfest.

The band is made up of Erin Hill as lead singer, Alaina Stephens who plays a variety of instruments such as the cajón, ukulele and tambourine, Kennedy Knisley on the piano and Josiah Pye on guitar.

Since Rocktoberfest, they have opened for The Good Little Chickens, performed twice on the hill during Positively Post-It week, Winterfest, the Tallahassee Democrat Music week and Battle of the Bands at Lincoln. Additionally, they have played at Stephens’ church.

Overall they’ve noticed improvement since they started the band.

“We can learn songs really quickly now,” Stephens said.

“Now we just have to look at the chord charts and [Hill] has to learn the lyrics and then we’ve got it.”

Although they’ve seen improvement, they still hope to become better musically.

“We have gone from not really knowing what we’re doing to having a better understanding of what to do and what not to do,” Knisley said.

“I would like for us to step outside of our comfort zones some, and hopefully improve musically from trying different things.

“Also, I hope that we can learn material faster and expand our repertoire.”

The Happenings also hope to grow in other ways as a band in the future.

“We would love to play more shows around town.” Hill said.

“We are a smaller band then some of the other bands at Leon so we can play smaller venues.

“We’re mainly working on getting some paying gigs right now because we’ve been doing a lot of stuff around that’s just to get our name out.”

The band attributes playing shows around Leon to some of their success.

“Playing Positively Post-It helped a lot because new people and faces got to know us more,” Hill said.

They also feel that doing Positively Post-It has helped people recognize them as a band more, especially underclassmen who may not have heard of them before.

Besides playing shows, they’ve also taken a different route for growing as a band. They recently made an Instagram and Facebook account.

Although the band is working on booking more paying shows and spreading its name, their ultimate goal is to have fun while performing.