My hopes for next year

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By: Maya Levy

As an upcoming junior I have several goals that I hope Leon will be able to meet next year.

I have noticed since the beginning of the school year how crowded the hallways, classrooms, and parking lots were. Getting to class proved a challenge as well as finding a seat in a classroom of at least 30 students.

Leon is a relatively big school but not big enough to comfortably fit a population of more than 2,100 students. In order to create a more comfortable environment I believe that school zones should be revised as well as our acceptance number reduced.

Another area in which Leon could improve is in its hygiene. Recently I participated in a school wide clean up where I cleaned the chorus hall girl’s bathroom. The experience was very eye opening for me because cleaning that building from floor to ceiling exposed me to its layers of grime.

No school should be that dirty especially a school as admired as Leon. At the most recent school clean up I gained an appreciation for these buildings that I did not previously possess. It was a crystal clear reflection of the irresponsibility of this student body.

In the future a school clean up should be held at least once a quarter and more students should be encouraged to attend.

Lastly Leon students should be encouraged to get involved in clubs and activities.

There is already a large population of students who are a part of school groups and sports but much of our student body chooses not to participate.

I understand a lot of people have extra curricular activities that are not connected to Leon and are very busy with them. Although, in order to have a wholesome high school experience it is vital to connect with your school in anyway you can. Leon has around 50 clubs with very diverse options suitable for everyone.

This is an all around great school that I have loved since freshman year. I hope that by the time I am a senior, Leon will have blossomed to it’s full potential.