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Mane Event members announced

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By EmmaLea Reed

Leon High School’s loved and admired a cappella group, Mane Event, chose its new members this past Friday, Aug. 28.

These members include:

Cannon Haworth

Hannah Prasse

Senior and section leader Hannah Prasse sings at last year's mane event concert.
Senior and alto section leader Hannah Prasse sings at last year’s mane event concert.

Jon Hoch

Morgan Guse

Bond Peuckert

Daniela Rodriguez

Noah Fuentes

Ashley del Valle

Chrissy Abate

Cooper Smith

Devon L’Heureux

Erin Hill

Jackson Knight

Everett Reed

Grace Lengacher

Hannah Wong

Jaylin Stewart

John Malley

Jordyn Berrian

Julian Lee-Sursin

Kaelin Fabian

Nate Caldwell

Nic Roe

Ryan Carlton

Ansley Garrison

Tyler Jones

This year, the musical group let in a grand total of four freshmen, the largest number of freshmen Mane Event has ever permitted. Among those four is freshman Ansley Garrison, an alto led by section leader Hannah Prasse.

“I am so honored to be a part of such a loving, fun and extremely talented group,” Garrison said. “I can’t explain how amazing it really is. I look forward to what the future holds.”

Mane Event is led by Leon choral director, Tabitha Peck. They will be featuring a wide range of music in several different concerts this upcoming year, including PAWS. With a new year comes new challenges, such as vocally challenging music and limited rehearsals prior to performances.

This year’s team is ready to face whatever comes their way.

Senior Morgan Guse has high hopes for this year due to the “great attitudes” the group’s member encompass.

“We are all excited and passionate about what’s in store for this next year,” Guse said. “I know that with the talent and love for making music in this group, we can do anything.”