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Lions football determined to win against Trojans

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By Elizabeth Brooks

The Leon Lions varsity football team is in for some tough competition  on Thursday, Oct 12, at 7 p.m., when it takes on rival Lincoln at Gene Cox Stadium.

Currently, the Lions’ record is 0-6.

“This has negatively affected the team as a whole, in the sense that we are all trying to go out and win every game and it’s very frustrating when you don’t,” first-year head coach Garrett Jahn said.

Although the team hasn’t won this season, they have been working hard at practice to make themselves better every week.

“I feel as though our guys have done a good job of staying positive at practice and working as hard as they can to try and win the next week,” Jahn said. “A lot of it is because of our senior leadership. They’ve done a good job of not letting it crumble away.”

This year’s team is very young and inexperienced. Last year, they graduated 27 seniors and multiple underclassmen transferred. This season there is only one starting defensive player and two starting offensive players with  previous varsity experience.

“This is almost unheard of,” Jahn said.

For the Lincoln game, however, Jahn believes the Lions have a solid game plan.

“We are going to play John Carey on defense as well as quarterback,” Jahn said. “Queze Brutton, our running back, will play both sides of the ball. So we are going to sort of sell out and have some of our guys play both sides of the ball, which we normally don’t do.”

Lincoln is Leon’s district opponent and they’ve always put up a good game. “Historically, they’ve been a rival for Leon,” Jahn said. “So right now we really go at every game and we want to win this game as bad as we want to win them all. But it would be special to win this game.”

The last time Leon beat Lincoln was in 1998, when Jahn was the Lions’ starting quarterback.

The team is approaching each game trying to be better at football no matter what the scoreboard looks like.