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Leon hosts dodge ball tournament FTK

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By Caroline Dempsey

Monday, Oct. 3, Florida State hosted a dodge ball tournament in the Leon gym as a part of their annual Dance Marathon fundraiser. High schools from all over the city were allowed to form teams to enter the tournament.

The tensions ran high as the competitive high school and college students battled to be the victors. One of Leon’s teams, “Big Lebowski’s” ended up winning the tournament- comprised of seniors Scott Epting, Jarrod Russel, Michael Thomas, Trey Sankey, Jacob Botel, Greg Raymaker, Jacob Owens, Josh Wallenfelsz and Emory Wilhite. dodge-ball-pic

“It was an amazing experience overall,” Botel said, “and not just because we took the gold, but also because we all knew it was all for a great cause. We won for the kids.”

Out of the 12 high school teams there, seven of them were from Leon, with schools such as Maclay, John Paul II, Lincoln, Rickards and Chiles all being represented. Florida State also brought many teams to participate in the fun.

Many schools also set up booths in the gym to sell food and apparel to raise money for their mini marathons. Leon’s Dance Marathon club president Caroline Kirk was very pleased with the turnout and spirit of the event.

“The excitement from Leon students was especially great,” Kirk said. “We had the most teams and were always supporting each other.” Another one of Leon’s teams, compiled of all senior girls, won the award for being the “most spirited.”

While Leon was the hosting site of the tournament, Florida state was in charge of the event.

“I did not have any expectations because Dance Marathon at FSU was handling all of the logistics,” Kirk said.

Leon’s very own Marshall Fisher was honored there as he rode around in a Luigi costume and led the dodge ballers in a game of “Simon Says.”