Guitarist has impact on Leon

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By Manna Robertson

Junior Hubert Chason, nicknamed Hub, is the lead guitarist for “The Good Little Chickens.” He was one of the founders of the band and is still a member. He has played guitar for about five years and also likes singing. Chason is in Guitar 4 and in Jazz band at Leon.

“My favorite guitar model is the Gibson 335,” Chason said. This electric guitar can cost an upwards of $2000. Chanson’s favorite chord is ebM13, or the e flat minor thirteenth chord, and his least favorite chords are the ones that hurt his hands when he plays them.

Even though Chason is the only musician in his family, they support him and his band. He usually does whatever the band needs him to do.

“Hub definitely has the most energy out of all of us,” lead singer of “The Good Little Chickens” Rebekah Hopkins said. “One time he even laid down on the stage during a performance.”

Chason likes listening to any type of music, but some of his favorite musicians include Stevie Wonder, Lorde and Prince. His favorite song is “Use me up.” When the band is picking songs to preform, they are never out of ideas.

“We all throw songs in,” Chason said.

Chason definitely wants to puruse music in college and is going to a camp at Berkeley College this summer. His top choices for schools are Berkeley and Florida State University.

Chason also wants to keep in touch with his band mates after he leaves from college. He has known pianist Gilbert Voegtlin the longest.

Chason has many good memories with “The Good Little Chickens,” and some bad ones. Chason recounts a time the band was at Lake Ella and all of the power went out.

“There have been good times to balance out the bad ones,” Chason said. “My favorite memories are when Jack and I mess around together.”

Leon is very special to Chason.

“My favorite thing about Leon is just the vibe and the community of students and diversity,” Chason said. When the band is playing, they connect to the Leon audience very well. Chason enjoys the connection with his friends and the audience.

“’The Good little Chickens’ could go somewhere,” Chason said. His advice is to “have fun and go with the flow.” He also advises performers to not pay attention to the audience when it seems scary.

“The work you put in pays off,” Chason said.