Good Little Chickens at The Moon

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By EmmaLea Reed

Leon’s very own “The Good Little Chickens” were provided the incredible opportunity to host a benefit concert at The Moon.
This benefit, however, did not come together overnight. In fact, the band has been working to plan this event since this past summer.
During a post-practice luncheon, the TGLC began brainstorming ideas for future shows. All they knew was that they wanted to do something that helped the music department at Leon in any way possible.
“We realized that there is very little cooperation between all the music departments at Leon,” guitarist Jack Byerts said. “We wanted to unify these departments and showcase their many talents, along with providing a new experience for other students.”
The band plans to divide the money they raised evenly between all the music departments.
Having played several events at The Moon before, the band’s lead guitarist Hub Chason already had connections with the location’s owner. The Moon generously donated the venue, only requesting that the band made a payment for the staff who worked at their show.
After roughly 200 hours of planning, practicing and critiquing, the band was prepared for the big event.
TGLC featured seven special guests during the show: seniors Jordan Roberts, Hannah Prasse, Alex LaJeunesse, Jeremiah Robinson and juniors Grace Lengacher and Erin Hill, along with beloved guitar teacher Ed Prasse.
“The Good Little Chickens did an amazing job putting together a concert that showcased some of Leon’s talent and brought a lot of joy to the spectators and guest performances,” featured singer Hannah Prasse said. “I had a great time singing with them and certainly hope it’s something that can be recreated in the future.”
The concert ended up being a massive success, with the band selling upwards of 300 tickets and raising over $1,000. The Moon’s entire venue was full of students, friends and families, providing the energetic, entertaining atmosphere the band aimed to create.
The members of TGLC all agreed that it “felt really good to have [their] friends and famil[ies] supporting them” at this benefit.
“There will probably never be another concert where I can look out into the crowd and recognize every face in it,” pianist Gilbert Voegtlin said. “The support we felt was amazing.”
The night before the concert, Byerts admitted he barely slept because his nerves were running wild. The band as a whole agreed that the concert night was a bit stressful and nerve-wracking, but everything came together once they were on stage.
Along with every other show they’ve played, The Good Little Chickens brought a great deal of life and energy to The Moon’s stage, all the while benefitting Leon’s music department.