Fashion show around the corner

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By Nadaley Jones and Caroline Sipple

On Wednesday, April 19, Leon’s fashion and design club will hold their annual fashion show.

This years theme is Equinox, and the show will consist of alternating day and night themes. There are 24 models walking ( 12 boys and 12 girls), and each model will walk twice in the show. The show will also be divided into four different segments, which will follow the alternating themes of day and night.

The name Equinox was chosen because it is the one day out of the year where all the of the hours in a day are even, and it matches the idea that this year’s show will consist of an equal number of models, walks and segments.

“I’m so excited,” senior and club president Caldwell Harris said. “It’s my last year directing this show. Myself and the other seniors have begun to pass on the torch and educate the other girls to take on the club and hopefully continue with the show after we graduate. They have become our understudies.”

The sponsors for the club clothing this year are Macy’s, Nicks Toggery, Curio Goods vintage , Once Upon a Time vintage and Lively Technical School for Cosmetics.

Harris also says the club members have tweaked their finale this year and they hope that the audience members will be shocked and very excited.  They are proud of how smoothly they have gotten the show to run since starting it in their sophomore year, and hope that the show will have a huge turn out this year.