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Fashion and Design clothing drive returns

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By Nadaley Jones

Fashion and Design club is holding its annual “Care-To-Share” clothing drive, which they introduced during the 2014-2015 school year. The drive began Feb. 10, and instead of ending the Feb. 24 like the original plan, it will be continuing all year.

President of Fashion and Design club Caldwell Harris discussed the idea of keeping the donation bin going all year with Principal Epting who also loved the idea. Harris wanted the donation bin to be on campus permanently to increase donation traffic.

“Leon is a big school, and a lot of people are willing to donate,” Harris said. “We can give more to a lot of deserving people if we make the bins permanent.”

The donation bin is purple and located is in the back of the bus ramp, adjacent to Miccosukee Rd. The proceeds of the drive initially went to the homeless shelter, but through collaboration with SGA, the proceeds now go to Big Brothers and Big Sisters. They then make a profit by redistributing the clothes, and use the profits to fund their organization and their partnerships around town. The bins are emptied monthly and placed back in the same space for more donations.

Harris hopes that by leaving the bin all year, more donations and a wider range of clothing will be given, to help Big Brother Big Sisters increase their funds, and provide the less fortunate with appropriate clothing to wear.

Donations of all kinds of clothes are welcomed and encouraged, but donations must been in good condition and must be clean.