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Epting cracks down on pep rally behavior

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By Gray Kinch

The Neon Leon pep rally in February ended on a sour note when a senior “mosh pit” got out of control, leading Principal Billy Epting to end it early and send everyone home.

During fourth period on April 27, Epting made an announcement describing the consequences for students if they continue the bad behavior. The punishments that got many seniors attention was that any misbehavior could lead to privileges such as not attending school from May 12-May 26 and walking at graduation being stripped.
“I am trying to reinforce to the kids that we can have a good time without someone doing something dangerous,” Epting said. “I don’t want to discourage any excitement, just insure that those participating are there to enjoy it and not to create an issue.”
In order to participate in the pep rally, students have to be in attendance all day.
“The first thing we are going to do is find out who hasn’t been in fifth and sixth period,” Epting said. “Then if those who were absent show up, we will ask them to leave. At least this way the kids that may misbehave after lunch won’t have the opportunity.”
Another safety precaution is putting many adults in the bleachers throughout the gym. This way Epting hopes for positive peer pressure, and other students to encourage their classmates to not sabotage themselves.
Even with the new safety precautions and heightened security, all efforts are being made for this pep rally to be memorable for all the right reasons. During lunch on Thursday, Student Government hosted “lunch on the hill” for seniors to make crowns and included other activities for younger students in preparation for the pep rally.
“The theme of the pep rally is ‘One Leon,’” senior Amanda Willis said. “So during lunch we created a space for people to hang out and get everyone in the pep rally mindset.”
Many people were surprised that Leon is hosting another pep rally, so SGA wanted to encourage students to get excited for one of Leon’s most favored events.
“We wanted a classic Leon pep rally,” Willis said. “Everything is red and white and we hope it will be a good ending note for the seniors.”
Willis spoke personally with Epting about how to ensure everything goes to plan and everyone stays safe.
“I know there is a chance that things will go wrong again,” Willis said. “I wanted tips on what to say to my friends and other seniors and juniors, so everyone has fun. We all want to maintain the classic LHS image.”