Environmental concerns committee hosts vegan and vegetarian potluck

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By Maya Levy

On Monday, Nov. 27, Student Government Association’s environmental concerns committee hosted a vegan and vegetarian potluck.

The committee is led by senior Anna Boone, a vegetarian herself, who came up with the idea to have the potluck over the summer. The event was held on the front lawn from 6 to 9 p.m.

Around 30 people attended the event which is less than the amount that Boone had hoped for. Advertising for the event proved to be a challenge since it was preceded by Thanksgiving holiday. Still, she believes that those who came received a hands-on educational experience. Boone wants to hold another potluck in the spring to increase student attendance.

“We just wanted to get people together who had similar interests but then also bring people who didn’t know much about the topic,” Boone said. “We wanted people who are vegans and vegetarians to bring food that they eat on a daily basis so that there’s not stereotypes like that we eat tofu all the time.”

The environmental concerns committee is a new committee this year with no prior rules or guidelines, so Boone has had to determine their mission on her own.

“I’ve put in a lot of research into what I think is the most beneficial angle to take when trying to tackle environmental concerns,” Boone said. “I think educating people on the source of the problems is what we need to focus on.”

With that goal in mind, Boone and her committee decided to hold this potluck not just for vegan and vegetarian students but more for any student interested in learning about this lifestyle.

Her hope was that this event would help refute the stigma around being vegan or vegetarian. Boone wanted to inform students about the environmental benefits of not eating animal products.

“If you bring up the subject of vegetarianism and veganism on a daily basis people don’t want to talk about it in fear of feeling attacked, but if you’re in an environment where it’s the topic being addressed, it’s easier to talk to people,” Boone said.

The projects done by Boone and her committee in the future will all go towards the education of students and members of the community about contributors to environmental threats such as global warming and climate change. Boone hopes to strike up change and awareness among the student body through events such as the vegan and vegetarian potluck.