Dance Marathon participant fundraises $1,200

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By Danny Killeen

On Saturday, Feb. 24, from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m., Leon will host its annual Dance Marathon. Some students who have committed to fundraise for the event have already raised $1,200.

One of those students is junior Emma McGibany.

McGibany has already raised $1270 of her $2500 for Children’s Miracle Network. She raised the funds by emailing 60-70 people and asking if they would donate to the cause.

Dance Marathon participants who surpass the $1,000 fundraiser mark are admitted into what is known as the “Comma Club.” McGibany will be in this group for the first time in her Dance Marathon career.

McGibany has participated in the school’s Dance Marathon for all three years of her time at Leon.

For this year’s Dance Marathon, McGibany is serving as the Public Chair on the Executive Board.

“I kind of help put it together,” McGibany said. “I’m the one who posts on the Instagram and Facebook and I design the t-shirts and stuff.”

McGibany strongly encourages Leon students to attend Dance Marathon as she has spoken of it very highly.

“Dance Marathon is a six-hour dance party for an amazing cause,” McGibany said. “At the end of the marathon, when you see how much we all fundraised together, it’s just really cool.”


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