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Dance Marathon crew rallying for registration

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By Ella Bevis

Dance Marathon will be hosting a “registration rally” on Friday, Dec. 8, on the front lawn during lunch.

Dance Marathon is a fundraiser affiliated with Children’s Miracle Network that strives to raise money for kids who are hospitalized with severe illness. Leon Dance Marathon works together with the Florida State University Dance Marathon.

Collectively, their funds directly benefit University of Florida Health Shands Hospital and children being treated there.

Hosting registration rallies aims to encourage more participation in the marathon. The goal for 2018 is to have 200 participants present at Dance Marathon.

“We’re really trying to get at least 100 students registered before winter break,” executive director Cameron Fink said. “We’re getting close to our goal.”

The rally will feature music and dancing along with computers set up for students to register.

“The fee to sign up on Friday is only $15,” Fink said. “Students are asked to raise an additional $30 to attend the marathon in February.”

Leon’s Dance Marathon is Saturday, Feb. 24. The marathon will be hosted in the gym.