Cupcake wars in culinary

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By Nadaley Jones

On Friday, March 10th, the judging was held for culinary two and three’s second annual “Cupcake Wars.”

The class assignment is made to mock the show aired on Food Network that shares the name. The second and third level students are given a theme and given basic recipes to work with by the culinary teacher Ms. Beam. She says from there, the students are allowed to let their creative ideas take hold. Judges are teachers who rotate from class period to class period, and generally three judge per class.

The students love the assignment and the competitive edge that comes with it.

“It’s fun because you get to work with your friends and really do whatever you want with your cupcakes, and it’s fun to come up with ideas and flavors and designs,” junior Faith White said.

The theme this year is “spring,” and Beam says she has seen designs with pastel colors, beaches and Easter eggs.

“It’s a much broader theme than the previous year, and based on what I’ve seen by just walking around these last few days, I’m very excited,” Beam said.

Last year’s theme was “Valentines Day,” and she said that year there were a lot of hearts and chocolate involved. Her favorite display included one that resembled a broken heart, complete with glass-like sugar to represent shards of a heart.

The displays and results of winners were announced on Friday, March 10.