Service Clubs

By In

An all female service club that selectivly picks eligible girls to work together to better our school and community.

President: Bevin Coburn

Sponsor: Mrs. Merlau

An international service organization created to serve our school and community through acts of service and volunteering.

President: Chase Carlton

Sponsor: Mrs. Taylor

A service club that promotes volunteering in our school, community, nation, and around the world.

President: Jack Wingate

Sponsor: Mr. Kothe

An all girls service club that prides themselves in helping the community.

President: Nekedra Williams

Sponsor: Mrs. Green

A fun loving, service club that is working to help the world one act of peace at a time.

President: Emilee Bickel

Sponsor: Mr. Brown

A female service club for all grades that focus on bettering our school and community.

President: Jazmine Jones

Sponsor: Mrs. Hale