Interests Clubs

By In

A club dedicated to promoting the appreciation and education of Japanese animation.

President: Caitlyn Burke

Sponsor: Mrs. Fabrega

A creative interest club for those interested in art as well as crafts and decorations.

President: Gabby Reams

Sponsor: Mrs. Raulerson

Black Student League

President: Savannah France

A club that sells balloons and other good to Leon’s student body and clubs.

President: Craig Curry

Sponsor: Mrs. Weston

A club that helps put on Leon’s Dance Marathon in February that raises money to benefit childhood illness research.

President: Caroline Kirk

Sponsors: Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Davis

A group of students who love fashion and all aspects of design.

President: Caldwell Harris

Sponsor: Mrs. Monique

Peers meeting to support Leon’s athletes and share their love of Jesus.

President: Rosie Marshall / Hannah Wong

Sponsor: Mrs. Davis

President: Ivan Brewer

A club that teaches and gives opportunities to learn about how businesses operate.

President: Kealin Fabian

Sponsor: Mrs. Green

A club meets to play League of Legends and Mine craft in order to connect students with fellow gamers at Leon

President: Savannah France

Sponsor: Mr. Daigle / Mr. Green

A club that works with students and community members to grow a garden and donate its harvest to Second Harvest.

President: Amanda Willis

Sponsor: Mr. Brown

A club that provides a place for members of the LGBT community to congregate and volunteer.

President: Sophie Mills

Sponsor: Mr. Brown / Mrs. Hale

International Culture Club (ICC)

Sponsor: Mrs. McCauliffe

A club that creates an art and literature magazine made up of works of Leon students.

President: Sella Kinch

Sponsor: Mrs. Roady-Lawson

Fun, fit teens exploring the outdoors.

President: Tabitha Coon

Sponsor: Mrs. Martin

Nature and Conservation

President: Joseph Atwater

A group dedicated to the art of theatre.

President: Sean Tterlikkis

Sponsor: Mrs. Marshall

A club that spreads the love of Ultimate Frisbee throughout Leon.

President: Robert Skrob

Sponsor: Mr. Green

A low-maintenance interest club that helps people learn how to knit, crochet, and sew while obtaining service hours.

President: Gabby Reams

Sponsor: Mrs. Sears