Academic Clubs

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Black History Bowl

President: Max Culbreath

A team that comes together to discuss and debate politics in the world today.

President: Landon Coles

Sponsor: Mrs. DeWinter / Mr. Segura

Model UN

An honor society comprised of student with a passion for mathematics.

Sponsor: Mr. Kothe

An honor society that promotes reading and writing through service opportunities around the community and abroad.

President: Leta Ashebo

Sponsor: Mrs. Hadden

An academic honor society filled with high performing students with a focus on serving our school and community.

President: Piper Goldman

Sponsor: Mrs. Towey

An honor society comprised of students interested in history, government, and social sciences.

President: Max Culbreath

Sponsor: Mrs. Davis

An honor society made up of students who excel in science that combines service around the community with science.

President: Will Rogers

Sponsor: Mr. Guyton

A class of student leaders aiming to serve the school and its student population through service and the raising of morale.

President: Caroline Kirk

Sponsor: Mr. Stewart