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Boys soccer ties Columbia, 2-2

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By Elizabeth Brooks

On Dec. 5, the boys soccer team traveled to Lake City to play against Columbia High School and the game ended in a tie, 2-2.

The team was hoping for a win because they beat Columbia twice last year, each time by the score of 3-1.

“We struggled in the first half, but eventually we pulled ourselves together in the second half and played strong,” said junior Jaden Jones-Riley.

The team is motivated and determined to win every game possible.  Jones-Riley credits assistant coach Scott Evans with helping the team put posotive energy into the game.

“The thing that motivates our team the most would have to be our coach, Evans,” Jones-Riley said. “He always knows what to say and when to say it. When he talks to us before the games and during practices we are determined to win.”

Jones-Riley says that during the game he took away that the team can not be a team of two halves but as a whole. As a team he said that they can not just play one side. These strategies can help the team to work better together and finish out the season strong.

Their next game will be Friday, Dec. 8, at Gainesville High School.