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Annual PAWS concert approaching

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By EmmaLea Reed

One of Leon’s most beloved traditions is making its way back to the stage. This coming Friday, Dec. 9, and Saturday, Dec. 10, the Performing Arts Winter Showcase will be held in the Leon auditorium at 7 pm.

PAWS includes a wide variety of performing groups and individuals. From chorus, to steel drums, to thespians, to mane event, there is bound to be something to fit everybody’s taste.

The performance is intended to showcase all of the hard work that has gone into this semester, and get the audience into the Christmas spirit.

Tickets start at $10 a piece. There has yet to be a year that tickets have not sold out, so the performing arts department advises that tickets are bought ahead of time.

PAWS is unique in that it brings a diverse amount of artistic groups from around Leon together, and draws in such a huge crowd to enjoy a night of entertainment.

“I’ve been in the audience of this show for the past two years, and am so excited to be on the stage this year,” freshman Everett Reed said. “It’s truly amazing to see what our high school can do and it’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit.”