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The High Life is the official newspaper of Leon High School, located in Tallahassee, Fl. We are a student-run organization which controls all aspects of content and design. Kevin Record, the journalism teacher and adviser, provides guidance, supervision and assistance. The High Life strives to serve as a forum of public opinion.

In keeping with that goal, the publication does not publish material that is libelous, obscene or that may cause a substantial and material disruption of school activities.

To read about the staff and their positions, check out the about the staff page.


  • alexis said:

    like the website very professional looking but needs some sort of home button, some link to get to the main page easily.

  • Buzz and Elise said:

    we think this is a really cool thing that you now have a website

  • Derek said:

    This is BAMF as hell.

  • Cameron said:

    I still think we should just stick to paper. but p.s. the layout’s nice, kyle

  • June said:

    I love the website! I think we should have more “interaction” stuff.

  • Debbie said:

    This is awesome.
    We love seeing Leon High news on the web.

    Our congratulations to the newspaper staff on a job well done!

    Go Lions!

  • Chelsea Carty said:

    i also like that u guys have a website!:)

  • Chelsea Carty said:

    leon high is the best!!GO LIONS!!<3